Psalm 86:5 (NIV)

You, Lord, are forgiving and good,
    abounding in love to all who call to you.

Reading the Psalms is reading about quite the roller coaster ride: living on this Earth amidst real heartache and disaster, but also the Goodness of our God and all the Peace He offers us as we walk through life with Him. How wonderful to know He is always close, wanting and waiting for us to depend on Him since we were created to live a life intertwined with Him, abounding in love.

Our God is our great and loving Father. He is our amazing Lord and Savior. He extends to us His perfect plan of redemption – freely. He desperately wants to share Heaven with us, as it says in John: “He goes to prepare a place for us.” Heaven! Our society has degraded our idea of it, portraying it as something boring – far from the reality of the glorious place specially designed for us created in His image. It is mind-boggling to think that He paid so dearly for our costly sin debt because He loved us and wanted to give us Heaven. Romans says all “who call on The Name of The Lord shall be saved.” Nothing else has the power to remove sin – none but the power of Jesus. Thank you for forgiving us!

He is the One we call out to when in distress and when we make our mistakes, big and small. When life on this imperfect Earth deals out tough circumstances, He picks us up out of our mud puddles, our slippery slopes, and helps us get back up again. He cleans us up, setting us back on the path to His best plan for us! He restores our soul, making us whole again and making us new in Him. Our God not only cares for every being, He cares for every part of our being. He not only believes in each of us, He breathes Life into us, wanting us to flourish and see what He can do through us. He wants to shine His Glory though us to all creation, making all things beautiful – together – in His complete and grand masterpiece! Thank you for your Goodness!

His Love is unending – it just never fails! He sees us just as we are in our brokenness, yet at the same time, He sees us perfected – the ones He loves unconditionally and perfectly. He knows us so intimately; as He says in Psalms, He “knit us together while in our mother’s womb.” Our God knows us better than we know ourselves; He knows our needs and our wants. He asks us to trust Him in every area because He already holds us in His hands – it’s not a task for Him, but part of who He is. He simply loves us completely. We can’t even begin to imagine the depth of His Love for us. It knows no bounds. Thank you, Lord, for abounding in Love.

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