Perfect Love: the Purpose for Our Lives (Part 1) 

If I could speak every language on Earth – even the extinct or fictional ones – and understand fully what angels speak of, but didn’t learn how to speak with love, then I’m no better than the empty clanging of a pot falling to the tile floor.

Say I was given the gift of prophecy and could instantly understand the intricacies of the way the Earth was formed, even able to envision the last days of a newborn as written in His Book of Life. Say I could even displace the massive Mt. Everest with faith the size of a pine tree seed, but I never learned to direct myself with love, then I may as well live in a void.

Imagine I was so charitable that I gave away every single comfort of life, belonging and asset (like a car, smartphone, pillow, or fork) to those that had none, and that I gave up my life and body agonizingly to stand up for my faith, but I had never loved from a heart born again through His purity, then I would truly have and be nothing.

Love is happy to wait with a patiently fond smile. Love treats all others kindly – just like their favourite, no matter their age, race, gender, past, present, or anything. Love determines to be glad, not envious, for another when they receive blessing instead. Love doesn’t tell the same boastful story over and over, embellishing their singular greatness each time. Love doesn’t elbow others out of the way to steal the last best seat on the bus. Love doesn’t sulk in their chair when they don’t get their way. Love doesn’t spin any lies or say anything untrue about coworkers, just to increase their wage and rise up the ranks. Love does not trade fleeting pleasures for purity, and power for innocence. Rather, Love chooses to shine a light on injustice, rejoicing when darkness is squelched. Love chooses to delight themselves in honourable activities, and turn from those that twig their conscience. Love decides to roll off any offenses, instead of carefully collecting them. Love is a shelter that you can run to without fear of leakage or exposure, that can take the sharp battering of any wind, rain, and snow. Love will never stop caring for you, no matter how many times you leave and then raggedly return. Love will always be searching for your shape on the horizon at the end of each day. Love will always bank on hope. Love will always stand back up after getting knocked down, even if they have to grit their teeth as they smile. Love just doesn’t know when to stop – in the best way.

What a Wonderful World!

Based on 1 Corinthians 13:1-7

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