Perfect Love: the Purpose for Our Lives (Part 2) 

Love never learned how to stop – in the best way (and if it did, it also learned how to unlearn that lie). Speaking in the language of the Holy Spirit and sharing with others the unknowable things it gifts is an admirable thing, but it doesn’t compare to cultivated Love. Even being able to encourage and speak specific, Spirit-given truth into others’ lives loses all colour when placed side by side with love. There’s simply nothing that lasts longer than love! Love has no expiration date, and it never goes bad.

Everything we have known, do know, and will come to know, is like having only half the puzzle pieces. Every deep scrap of knowledge we seek, every vast piece of understanding we strain to gain, will never be complete until Love arrives in its truest form. Only then will we see the utmost beauty, the eternal symmetry, in the way every single belovedly-planned puzzle piece fits together. When that times comes, everything we thought we knew will seem like dirty rags riddled with holes.

When we were kids, everything mattered to the Moon and back. We thought about everything like kids, insisting loudly on favourite colours and trivial matters. We thought the sky was blue because the sea never ended. We couldn’t understand that one day, we’d be as tall as the adults around us. But one day, we grew past all of that and turned into the developed person we were cultivated to be. We stopped talking like kids, and started thinking like seasoned adults.

Right now, we see everything as if through a warped and cracked mirror. We constantly have to wipe away grime to view a reflection that, somehow, we know isn’t quite right. But the time is coming when we’ll see things with cleared eyes and a transparent spirit, with no grime, cracks, or warps to hinder our view. We’ll be able to see ourselves as truly as He does.

Right now, our thoughts, beliefs, and knowledge about ourselves are so unfinished, that we can’t possibly fathom it. Yet on that day, we’ll be able to instantly perceive everything we couldn’t before. Until then, we must recognize and and relax in knowing that there is One who has already instantly understood us – since before humanity realized there was a beginning.

Now remember, in all of this grappling through imperfection, there are three perfect things that will ever remain: faith sturdy enough to live on, hope light enough to lift us up, and love true enough to live for. But the most glorious of these is Love. It will remain when nothing else does, so let us make perfect love our reason and motivation for every single thing in our lives.

What a Wonderful World!

Based on 1 Corinthians 13:8-13

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