Joyfully written for Kfgt’s 2020 Christmas Eve Service.

You’re stepping forward on a red carpet,
Noiselessly soft among the lush velvet.
This tapestry shimmers a true, pure white,
When you squint, and glimpse it in Cross-shaped light.

It reminds you of skirts that dress needly trees,
From sweet-smelling days, laced with laughter,
That you’ve asked if you could preserve, and freeze
For they hold belov’d things gone thereafter.

You wish this carpet could take you back there,
‘Round like a child’s aged electric train.
Only, these threads face forward, set to bear
Time’s ever-ticking form in our domain.
This is the way we all must travel,
No matter the sorrow that’s unravelled.

It’s a path well-trod by faith-filled, old souls,
Eternally-laid with perfect red carpet,
Not ending when your name’s called off a scroll,
Or when loneliness takes you to market.
Because that’s when hope gets unwrapped anew,
Full with the scent of fresh-cut manger straw,
Trembling with saints singing, “Go forth; break through!
Do not yet halt, but press on with deep awe!”

Those who walked before, through darkest hours,
Found light and life abundant – through Jesus.
So too must we – no matter what devours –
Dig and sweat and strain to unearth reasons
To hope in the wonders of His power.
Find those rough diamonds – even just pieces.

So breathe deep, my friends, the scent of Christmas.
For no matter what joy may escape us,
Hold fast to hope born in cozy brilliance,
And choose to make a sound that’s found joyous.

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