This was a poem written for the 2022 Kfgt Christmas production, “O What a Glorious Night.” Enjoy.

“This is the story of a Saviour born…”
So the Gospel starts, then picks up the pace.
If human hearts had penned about that morn,
We could not have built such a stabled grace.
For the turns and twists this story always takes,
Should never walk us through such timeless truth.

“The Saviour comes from a seeming mistake?”
Some natter, picking apart a girl’s youth.
Well, clutch your pearls and gather your grumbles:
Jesus was not sent to settle a score.

Today, let your expectations crumble;
Let what you’ve always held close to hit the floor.
Don’t worry, He’ll catch it and care for it,
And when it’s all grown, hand it back to you.
Without that ability to admit,
We’ll likely miss all that God has debuted.

“He sent a king as a tender baby?”
People question, disputing His power.
Don’t worry: His governing is weighty,
And His perfect justice calls the hour.
We don’t need to add to His origin,
For that would make it ours: cracked and dusty.

God loves to gently shake up our hearts within;
That’s how He keeps our souls from falling musty.
He did it then, on a simple, starry night,
And He’s doing it now, as we hear afresh.
He used what seemed broken to form our birthright,
Wrapping justice and mercy in newborn flesh.

God uses what seems imperfect or lesser,
To crystalize hope that sings, perfectly pure.
This cannot be waylaid by any oppressors,
Since life is bound to follow Christly contours.

So what have you come to expect of Jesus?
The usual, the norm, something scheduled?
Or something gloriously simple and gracious,
Yet goes well beyond what our hearts or minds had viewed?

So don’t let your expectation capture you;
You might never know what shouldn’t have been missed.

Adina de Jong
December 2022

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