This was a poem written for our Kfgt Christmas Eve Service in 2021. Enjoy.

I once heard someone softly tell,
Of the wonder which flick’ring flames dwell;
Smooth and solid as ones of David’s five stones,
Her voice shared mem’ries – things stamped deep in our bones.
Of life and light she freely shared,
And how it draws, casts, lulls, declares…

Born in Christ, light does all and much more,
As He is much more and does all.

Have you, too, spent a wintry warm night,
Gazing, pond’ring, yearning at flames so bright?
Ever been held still by its beauty glimmering?
By radiant stars so far off they’re glittering?

Those spheres of fire seem simple, soft…
They are, but also burning aloft.

They echo their Creator, iridescent:
So full of all colour and life abundant.
Like His fiery stars, He is incandescent:
So full of all passion and warmth, resplendent.

No matter the like of light we observe,
It’s meant to help our focus be subserved.

So often our eyes and soul slip;
Back to ourselves – our thoughts, worries…
As if we retained authorship,
And could sway darkness that flurries.

But no. We cannot.
Not without being bought.

Here’s where we must be recurved;
Reminded that we’re reserved.

We were saved by a babe on a starry night,
So pure and true, He was full of gentle might.
I’m sure every single source of Holy light,
Shimmered with the promise of gift-wrapped birthright.

This light of the world rides the wings of the dawn!
He shines brighter and brighter until day’s full draw!
He calls us His chosen children of life and light,
As His unfolding words give us prismatic sight.

He let there be light to reflect His glory;
It was all so that He could share His story.

Let us always glow like the city on a hill,
Sharing our glinting hope to build His Christmas thrill.

December 2021
Adina de Jong

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